This is our story

Vegan Casting is all about connecting brands and artists that are consciously committed to a better planet. We are pioneering the transition to a world of compassion.

More and more companies make the crucial decision to develop climate positive products or services. We represent professional actors, models, musicians, social influencers, dancers, filmmakers and other creative talents who share the vision of saving our planet from extinction and whose very actions are governed by this common goal.

This builds truly credible campaigns, productions and events. Our artists are greatly aware of the environment. Most of them support veganism, which not only means that they live a healthy plant-based life, but also adopt a lifestyle that is good for the planet, their health and animal welfare.

Our artists have an extensive social media reach where they build a sustainable image. The added authenticity that comes with our artists is priceless and helps brands bring about behavioural change with their customers.

We have based our work ethic on a strong core of integrity, professionalism and passion for the planet.

Join us in creating a better future together!